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Language translation quality is not amenable to statistical analysis or ‘objective’ measurement. As with the original text, it can only finally be judged by its effectiveness: therefore our quality guarantee is that the translation service is “fit for purpose”.

To ensure excellence in our language translation services, we combine the talents of the world’s best freelance linguists with in-house technology and carefully ‘mistake-proofed’ process control.


  • For translation into each single foreign language, we would (for example) use different professional translators for your year-end results, employment contracts, and marketing materials. Work is allocated to the specialist translator with the expertise and talents for that particular type of material, and your industry sector.
  • We deliver in a ready-to-use final format wherever possible, so that errors are not introduced, (for example), at the typesetting stage.

We deliver in a ready-to-use final format wherever possible, so that errors are not introduced, (for example), at the typesetting stage.

Overview of Language Translation Services

No matter what kind of language translation project you are dealing with, you can rely on an extensive and dedicated team of highly-qualified and experienced language translators to provide accurate translations, linguistic accuracy and quality of service.

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Our Language Translation Services

Our standard language translation service includes checking and proofreading to the full British / EU standard for translation services – that means a 100% check of the accuracy and quality of the translation, as well as of formatting and typography, by a second professional with linguistic expertise on a par with the original expert translator. – And we do this check on the files in their final delivery format.

Total Language Solutions provide a full language translation service, producing high quality English and foreign language materials for all sectors of business and the community.

The emphasis of the Total Language Solutions Group are focussed entirely on high quality language translation, our business translation services include the translation of text material and generation of audio and video assets for the business community. We work with all types of clients, ranging from sole traders through to businesses with large numbers of employees.

All of our language translators are members of either the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of translations & Interpreters. They will also have significant experience in professional language translation and your project will always be managed by the most suitable translator with the relevant expertise to ensure accuracy in translation.

Language Translation Services

Our language translation services range from simple document translations to business translation projects and website localization. Our network of experienced language translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your language translation needs.

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